San Remo, McKenzie Towne


I had a great meal with my old bosses on Monday night... I worked at Over the Rainbow Clothing for five years and have a lot of history with these awesome ladies! We decided to dine at San Remo in McKenzie Towne for dinner and we happened to pop in on $10 pasta night! San Remo features $10 pasta night on Sunday and Monday nights and there are two locations in the city with the other being in Garrison Woods. The menu was a bit basic... For appetizers they only had soup, salad or bruschetta, some $20-30 entrees and then a page of $10 pasta. James and I dined here in the summer and had an a-mazing meal consisting mainly of a variety of appetizers as there was a much bigger selection... Appetizers are always my favorite part of a meal! I'm not sure if the menu was altered because of the $10 pasta night but I am thinking so... I will have to check out again in the summer but here is what we noshed on:
I started with a bowl of lobster bisque... *Meh*... For $8 it didn't really turn my crank.. It was a bit salty and something like some fresh croutons or a biscuit really would have made this a lot better. I can't decide if it wasn't a good bisque or if I just don't think lobster bisque is the best use of some lobster ;)
My date had this starter salad which was presently nicely and a fresh start to the meal.
My one date had the prawn and sundried tomato linguini which she REALLY enjoyed! There were chili garlic prawns sauteed with sundried tomatoes and served in a white wine lemon butter sauce.
Pasta Formaggio "The Lover of the Cheese"... Since my flatbread at Gypsy was MISSING ITS CHEESE at lunch I thought I better indulge with this dish featuring asiago, white cheddar, goat and feta cheeses blended in a sauteed spinach, white wine cream sauce and tossed with linguini pasta. The sauce was indeed really yummy and cheesy... It was a bit bland though and really did feel like "$10" pasta... It definitely needed prawns, chicken, asparagus, sundried tomatoes or SOMETHING to jazz it up!
This was the white chocolate raspberry brulee for $8.... I wasn't sure on first bite but OH MAN this ended up being delicious with a molten raspberry layer at the bottom that was more liquid than the actual brulee and you could really taste the white chocolate.
Triple berry crisp for $8 with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and served with a crisp sweet crepe and vanilla gelato. I like the baking dish! This was really yummy :)


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