Salt and Pepper


 My girlfriend and I have been craving Mexican SO much lately... Fantasizing about it... Texting each other and making our own creations at home. We FINALLY got to dine on some true blue Mexican at a Calgary staple- Salt and Pepper! The owner Silvio Solano is from Oaxaca, Mexico and opened his first restaurant 20 years ago. We dined at the tiny location off of McLeod Trail but there is also a Bowness location and they have just opened in the Club Paradiso in Inglewood.. We finally got our fix! Here is what we had:
MMMM! These delicious little morsels are "champinon con chorizo & queso" for $8.49.. Know any Spanish? Mushrooms filled with chorizo sausage and cheese... These had a nice kick to them and although there was a bit much cheese... Is there ever such thing as a bit much cheese?
My pretty date chose the "Los Enchiladas" with chicken and beans in mole sauce for $13.98. She thought they were SO good. I've never ordered enchiladas but REALLY enjoyed these. The mole sauce was super yummy.
I really need to step out of my Mexican box.. I ALWAYS get traditional quesadillas with guac and refried beans... YUM! So good though.. Don't judge me! hehe.. $13.98 as we;; and it was a delicious meal. I would be back- especially for their all-you-can-eat tacos on Tuesday nights. Check em' out!


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