My weekend etc . . . .


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend... Really hoping to see the sun today as it has been over 10 days now.. EEK! I had a really great weekend and even had a day OFF! HA! Not to mention it was Foreplay Friday... WOOP! Here are some highlights:
A great start to a fantastic night.. Stackers and vodka! HA! At the Penthouse aka. My girlfriend Kylie's downtown pad!
Foreplay Friday is an event that us ladies do once a month- we rotate who "hosts" or thinks of an idea and one Friday a month we do something "outside the box".. This month we went to Pole Junkies pole dancing studio and did pole dancing followed by a night on the town. An AWESOME night!
Every pole was taken. Perfect amount of ladies!
Getting all gussied up after pole dancing with one of my besties <3
Classic Jacks for dinner & drinks!!! Great service and food!
I really like the za from Classic Jacks... Here's the Canadian flat bread.
Cherry red lips has kind of become the "Foreplay Friday" signature look... DAMN I have beautiful friends... NBD ;)
Mmmm look how good this beef dip looks? Covered in cheese and the famous two choice side selection... NUM!
James and I actually had a FULL day together and got ready for our trip... We got this blue Sony Cyber-shot camera from the Source... On sale from $229 to $119! Hopefully it's a gooder... I seem to be partial to Sony cameras.
Did you participate in Earth Hour on Saturday night from 8:30 - 9:30 pm ?! James aka. Mr. Survival man used it as a "drill" to see if I knew where our flashlights were located etc.. We lit a bunch of candles and had a really romantic night. We were disappointed to see how many of our neighbors had ALL of their lights on. I just think it needs to be advertised a bit better as many of the people I have spoken to were unaware of it altogether.
We went over to my parents house for dinner on Sunday night and my mom made a batch of her world-famous cabbage rolls with mashed potatoes... *DROOL*... So comforting on a cold night. Delicious!


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