The Gypsy Bistro-Wine Bar


Gypsy is located in the same historic Grain Exchange building as my office at 817-1st Street SW. Considering it is attached to where I work I rarely dine here because I have had a few hit and misses although the menu does have some delicious highlights and some people ADORE this restaurant... Our entire office dined here on Monday and true to my past experiences: there were some definite hits and misses... Here is what we had:
For a starter we had this unbelievable phyllo wrapped brie with mango chutney on the right, roasted peppers and a balsamic reduction over top. UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! One of the best brie's I have ever had hands down. The dish itself didn't come with bread but there was fresh baguette on the table. We did go through 2 loaves between 10 of us and when I asked for more bread when our brie arrived the waiter was a bit snarky about the fact we had already had two loaves and we didn't receive another...
My co-worker had the garden salad and soup for her meal. Beautifully presented.. Unfortunately she couldn't finish as the dressing was too tart and made her tongue raw. I think there was a bit too much Dijon mustard in the dressing.
So disappointing :( I ordered the mushroom, sundried tomato, gorgonzonla (DO YOU SEE CHEESE ON THIS ZA?), and "pesto" flatbread... I was so disappointed when this arrived.. They had me at "gorgonzola" which is a mild form of blue cheese but there was none on the pizza and I thought that perhaps the small (EXTREMELY SMALL) sprinkling of cheese below the toppings was the gorgonzola ?! I pretty much ate the toppings off and left the rest of the bread behind. The waiter picked up the meal and asked why I didn't finish and I told him there was no cheese.. He spoke with the kitchen who said they forgot. The meal was taken off the bill but how did the waiter AND the kitchen not notice this ???? The waiter also kind of made me feel stupid for not pointing it out originally but I thought this was the way the flatbread was supposed to be perhaps? Anyways... false advertising and I left disappointed and hungry.
My boss had the penne with chicken which looked yummy... He picked out all the green stuff though :p
My work wife had the $38 beef tenderloin which was delicious... $38 for a lunch entree though ?!?! Way too much in my opinion... I don't think they had a specified lunch menu.. Normally restaurants do not offer entrees over $30 at lunch
The brie was so good I would go back to Gypsy for that alone... I really need to find an entree worth coming back for though... Stay tuned...


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