Goo Goo Dolls with an amazing DOLL ;)


 The Goo Goo Dolls have been my favorite band of all time for as long as I can remember. They've put me to sleep, pumped me up and comforted me when I felt down. One of my good friends, Courtney, had gotten tickets MONTHS ago and we have been counting down the days... Steven Page from the Bare Naked Ladies opened to a sold out crowd at the Jack Singer and what an amazing concert and night it was!!! 
We had to purchase t-shirts from our fav band!!! Mine reminded me of a naughty nurse ;) a bit too small though. I love concert t-shirts. They are always good quality cotton and last forever... They better for $40! 
We dined at Centini before the show... Pretty much my favorite pre-show place to go. Less than a block from the Epcor Center/Theater Calgary/Jack Singer and the service and food are always outstanding. You must check it out!!! We sat at a high top table overlooking the kitchen and this is what we dined on:
We started with seared Nova Scotia scallops with walnut & minto pesto and bite sized white and green asparagus for $21
I order this EVERY time.. Maybe I should step out of my box but on a night as cold as Monday this was HEAVEN! This is Centini's "famous light-as-pillows dumplings" aka. Gnocchi Gorgonzola for $28
Courtney ordered this AMAZING Veal Tortelloni for $29  (all pastas are homemade in house) with roasted veal in a rose sauce. This sauce was out of this world... I kept dipping my gnocchi in it! YUMMMM
We had awesome seats... Wished it would have been in a venue we could have run up to the front on oggle John more... Mmmmmm he is SO HOT!!! Still has it!!!!


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