Dim Sum @ Silver Dragon!


Happy Birthday Bruce!
James being sillyyy
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From Wikipedia: Dim sum is a Cantonese term for a type of Chinese dish that involves small individual portions of food, usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate. 
There are a number of Chinese restaurants that offer dim sum in the city and I always have fun watching the carts of food come around and choosing some of our favorites to share. You have a receipt on the table and as you order the dishes that come around they are written on your bill. We arrived at 11 am on Saturday morning and were happy to not wait in line as they are normally quite busy past noon and they only take reservations for parties of 8 or larger. James is not a huge fan of dim sum... He always questions why we are eating "greasy food" for breakfast instead of eggs but I love the experience... We were a bit disappointed with the selection for this spread in the carts coming around. Most EVERYTHING had shrimp in it somehow or another and we had to specifically ask for ginger beef, squid, etc. We were hoping for some spare ribs and more variety but here is what we had!
My FAVORITE dish that Silver Dragon makes- SHRIMP TOAST! Crisp outer layer and shrimp inside... Best dipped in a sweet "tomato" like sauce.
They will take scissors and cut the portions in half for better sharing. Here is some shrimp on a green pepper.
Pork dumplings... Another one of my favs
Shrimp dumplings in rice paper
These shrimp dumplings with mayo were a HUGE hit... We ate 3 orders mmmm. Super crunchy on the outside and delicious dipped in mayo.
These deep fried wontons were a bit disappointing- mainly wrappers and no real meat.
Salt & Pepper Squid
Sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf. The rice is sticky and has the consistence of risotto pretty much... There are also strips of pork inside that I'm not a real fan of...
Ginger beef RIGHT from the wok. I think Silver Dragon has some of the BEST ginger beef. Crunchy with some kick.
For dessert we tried some "out of the box" items such as these "green tea balls"... That is what the server said they were called. They tasted a bit like cotton candy and the yellow center was extremely sweet. Interesting consistency but we thought they were yummy if not a bit greasy.
Coconut bun.. Sweetened coconut on the inside and the bun itself was very sweet
She called these "egg twists" but they were more like crunchy, honey coated pastry.


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