The Belvedere


Okay.... I'm EXTREMELY SPOILED this week as you can see.... And before I start receiving more death threats: can you believe that I miss home cooking ? Okay well that might be a stretch but it's just been an INSANE week of meetings and social events.... Today I finally remembered to try out a restaurant that has been on my list for years! The Belvedere located at 107-8th Avenue S.W... Always best to try these swanky restaurants at lunch to not break the bank... We both thought the lunch was really reasonable at only $53 for the final bill!!! WOWZA! The Belvedere is a very classy New York style establishment with custom made furniture and a beautifully wood framed skylight in the middle. The menu is extremely high end offering everything from a $95 caviar appetizer to an entire whole roasted Quebec foie gras for $125 (fattened duck liver)... We decided to split two "for the table sides" and one entree... They had us at "trio of risotto"...
AAA Alberta beef tenderloin with a fresh chive & pecorino risotto.... THIS WAS HEAVEN! For only $22 this medium-rare piece of beef was the best I have had in a LONGGG time.. It was large and worked great split into two- a lot bigger AND tastier than the Gypsy $38 tenderloin on Monday.... And the sauce ?!?! Don't get me started.... It was just cooked to perfection and had this great seared flavor... I could eat a whole one again RIGHT NOW
It's all about the risotto for me lately... Mmmm here is the risotto trio which we were happy to see was a small, side size and not huge like the waiter implied... From left to right we have wild mushroom & truffle oil, crushed pea & mint and pork belly... For only $9 I thought this was SO damn good.... AMAZING RISOTTO! I licked my plate...
Side of truffled asparagus for $9. We thought the white asparagus was a unique twist as well! Weren't expecting it :)
Since we split an entree we *HAD* to get dessert.. Right?! RIGHT! This is Belvedere's infamous sticky toffee pudding with treacle sauce & Tahitian vanilla bean Devonshire cream for $11... What the hell is devonshire you ask? Think ice cream and butter combined into one... Thick, creamy, rich ice cream.... Speaking of cream.... OH MAN THIS WAS GOOOOD!
Check out Belvedere.. It completely exceeded my expectations and they set the bar at a whole new level for downtown lunch!


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