Below Deck


There is a new pub in town!!! Right beside Flames Central a new maritime themed pub has opened up called "Below Deck"... The top two floors are still under renovation to be two differently themed pubs but this charming pub offers a variety of Maritime pub grub including shrimp & chips, fried oysters & chips, Frankfurt hotdogs, FRIED PEPPERONI?! and some other interesting offerings.. A bunch of us went for after-work-drinks and were impressed with the friendly service from the gals dressed in plaid tops and whimsical nautical theme the surprisingly bright basement pub offered. Here is what we had! 
We started with a healthy choice... Deep fried pepperoni! HA! Had to try it... They said it featured a mustard dipping sauce but it was actually ranch. Not bad if your craving some meat actually. I like the fact they had a kick to them but I found myself drying the grease off of these with some napkins.  
Poutine... WITH DONAIR MEAT ON TOP! Oh snap... The gravy and fries were pretty good... Nothing comes close to Montreal poutine though so I am bias... 
James is on a health kick so he got the garden salad with tuna which he said was REALLY good!
I LOVE HOTDOGS! They are one of my favorite foods. This Frankfurt could be topped with everything from potato chips, coleslaw (I chose both), sauteed mushrooms, cheese and other fun toppings... The hot dog itself was a bit salty but I thought the coleslaw was yummy and liked that you could choose different stuff to put on your dog.
Shrimp & chips! Mmmm these shrimps were SOOO good! I would order this next time. The batter was quite light and the seafood sauce was delicious.. I would like an entire basket of just the shrimp!
Check this new place out!!! Super friendly service and it felt like they actually appreciated our business and were excited when we came on down... A VAST difference from Flames Central... I think the service there is horrendous...


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