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Spring seems to have arrived in the South but here in the North of Germany, we're definitely still in winter's grip. An icy wind blows day and night, howling over the roofs as I lie in bed, relieved only by some sunny days. Even though I did see some new flowers poking tentatively through in the Bürgerpark, the idea of going out without a hat or gloves seems far away. But the past few days have still been good; lunch with Sylee at Kohlenquelle which is a welcome escape from the squeaky clean trendiness of Prenzlauer Berg, walks in the park and moments when the sun finally defeated the clouds and the loveliest skies and evening light could be seen across Berlin.

I'm already wondering how the view will be over London when we come in to land tomorrow afternoon. I remember seeing it for the first time last November, lines of twinkling lights, lovelier than ever. I have a lot planned for my few days; Peter Hall's Twelfth Night at the National Theatre, the Edward Hoppé exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, the Modern British Scupture at the Royal Academy, catching a couple of films from the Truffaut season at the BFI, The Coens' True Grit, a visit to the Dulwish picture gallery and then a look at the college there where Raymond Chandler and P.G Wodehouse went and a concert at the Festival Hall. I'll be back soon but let me leave you with some photos from the past week, . Have a great week and take care!

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At Kohlenquelle on Kopenhagener Straße

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Wonder what they were talking about

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The perfect cup of coffee

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Exploring some wonderful little furniture shops in the area

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Apparently God is a DJ

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Angle Face with Robert Mitchum and Jean Simmons

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Sunday afternoon at Anna Blume's

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Strange garden sculptures near the Bürgerpark

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