RaNdOm FoOd PhOtOs


Sometimes I will dine somewhere and only remember to take a photo of one entree because I will dig into mine so quickly and forget or just snap a shot that doesn't really have any business having a blog post on its own... These are some of those examples from the past week... FoOd EyE CaNdY... Hope your having a good hump day!
Here's what happened when I went to the Costco liquor store in Balzac for a bottle of "vodka".. OOPS! SO CHEAP though.. There is one in Okotoks and Crowfoot as well.. Bottles of wine for $6!!! And the enormous bottle of vodka on the left was $55!!!!
Here's the pork tenderloin my sister in law made us on Sunday night. It was super yummy :)
This the outfit I wore for Valentine's day.. And a short pink blazer but I thought I would take a sexy time photo *snicker* It was Valentine's Day after all :p
Kind of a bad photo but this is one of the garden "accessories" James got me for Valentine's Day! This is an ant holding a shovel over his shoulder with a potting plant. I LOVE HIM! He also got me some stained glass lights for the garden :)
This was Vintage's daily special on Tuesday- Cannelloni with a garden salad... Perfect for a cold day!
James made homemade pizza last night! He made the crust from scratch and substituted all purpose flour with whole wheat but that's where the healthiness ends.. Ham, pepperoni, & pineapple.. YUM! Love having a stay at home husband!
I took a client to Escoba for lunch today and she ordered the chicken and shrimp flatbread which looked delicious! Even had kernels of corn on it with a balsamic reduction and aoili over top. I really love Escoba!
For my meal I chose the roasted vegetables salad.. It was such a cold walk over I was thinking this was going to be a WARM salad but unfortunately it was a cold grilled salad.. The vegetables all tasted BBQed and smoked though. I also got 6 oz. of seared tuna on the right hand side to keep me full for the afternoon.


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