Piros- Sundre, AB


 I am fortunate enough to get to travel to some field offices in and around the city and on Thursday my work wife, Lisa, and I headed to Sundre to see one of our very favorite clients! We try to make this trip once a year but haven't been able to make it up there for about two years.. It was SO good to see Joan and of course, spoil her a bit and take her out for lunch to thank her for all of the work she helps us with year round. The sleepy town of Sundre doesn't have too many choices for lunch dining but we settled on a dependable favorite: Piros Family Restaurant. I have to admit the menu does make me giggle a bit... Greek fare mixed with breakfast favorites, pasta, steak, pizza, seafood.. You can pretty much order ANYTHING from this kitchen.. Here is what we decided on....
Joan and Lisa had the soup of the day: beef barley. Lisa only had one small piece of beef in hers but you can tell it is homemade and made with love!
I have been craving French onion soup for a while and indulged... It was very good French onion soup and super cheesy.. Mmmmm cheeeseeeeee
All three of us LOVE mushrooms so we decided to order the sauteed mushrooms with garlic toast. Unfortunately these mushrooms were ruined with too much lemon- the flavor combo didn't go over well... Too bad because they were cooked to perfection.
This is Piro's famous dish: chicken fettuccine alfredo with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms. Yummmm..  The sauce was so yummy and I loved the texture of these noodles.
I decided on the turkey club on brown with a Greek salad. The Greek salad was pretty drenched in olive oil to the point where I had to wring each vegetable out but I loved the club! Comfort food at its finest.
The food was comforting and homey but the company was even better... Love ya ladies <3


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