Oriental Phoenix


Mmmmmm... I crave Vietnamese a lot.. I think it's a really yummy lunch... And unless you eat 894398 spring rolls like I did today- pretty healthy as well. There are two Oriental Phoenix's in Calgary and I was at the one in Gulf Canada Square for lunch today- 401 9th Avenue SW. Normally they are one of my favorite place to eat Vietnamese but unfortunately my entree was cold... Nothing like cold noodles. Yick... I DO like their spring rolls the best though.. Here is what we had:
We started with the spring rolls for $4.95. They are my favorite spring rolls because of the quality of the ground pork and seasoning inside. Yummmm
I always get either BBQed or shredded pork with spring rolls on vermicelli (rice noodles) and pour the fish sauce over top and douse with hoison sauce that they have on the tables and mix it all around. I love the bright orange colors in this photo. Too bad it was COLD damn it!!! I just got used to vermicelli.. Used to not be a fan but I'm hooked now.
My date had a spicy beef soup with noodles and it was SPICY! Really yummy though!


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