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Happy Tuesday everyone... Hope you had a good weekend! Here are a few highlights from mine. I was absolutely not looking forward to this weekend because I had a Pampered Chef conference all weekend downtown and then a cooking show on Saturday night but it was a lot more fun than anticipated! I learned so much and met some really great people.
On Friday night a bunch of James' co-workers had a going away party for him at Riverbend Station. It was a good night and he is really going to miss the awesome people he has befriended over the past 10 years... We will definitely keep in touch with these awesome peeps! Here's James with all the ladies ;)
At the conference this weekend at the Delta Hotel downtown we were served this healthy salad for lunch...everyone was really disappointed because we had an extremely small breakfast and were STARVING!!! The chicken breast was so dry and chewy... and it was COLD so it was not very comforting on this chilly day... At least it was healthy ?! We are Pampered Chef people- we are all kind of type "A" and all about the FOOOOD!
Luckily the Delta redeemed themselves with this a-mazing dessert!!!! (Lucky for them too... a few of the women complained to the chef!) This was an apple pie in puff pastry with a dollop of whipped great... It was HEAVENLY!
I called an international snow day yesterday after looking out my window to see the inches of blowing snow- I got a LOT more work done from my computer at home than sitting in traffic for four hours like my girlfriend who lives next door...
Here's James and our parrot kitty Fraggle yesterday.. He loves climbing up your body and perching on your shoulders.. He normally lays across my neck like a necklace when we sleep... Such a cuddler! Love him!
I made roast chicken for dinner... Sprinkled it with paprika and inside the cavity I put white wine, 4 cloves of peeled garlic, 4 sprigs of fresh Thyme, a bay leaf and salt and pepper. I put some chicken stock in the roasting pan and it was SUPER moist!
The BEST and most EXCITING part of the weekend is that my brother proposed to his AMAZING girlfriend of three years- BEV! I already call this angel my sister... Can't wait to make it official. Love her to death! <3


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