Momoyama Sushi


One of my bestie's and I had a date last night and had PLANNED on cooking dinner.. But as it always seems after work we were starving and just wanted some instant gratification.. She lives in Killarney just outside downtown (lucky hoe bag)... and we hit up a really great sushi place right by her place at 3819 Richmond Road SW.Chanty's has been here a few times and remarked how fresh the sushi was- I'm on a huge sushi kick right now, can't get enough!!! The sushi was indeed fresh and the service was awesome. There were big chunks of avocado in the rolls and you could tell they were hand rolled with love.. Hehehe cheesy but so yummy!!!
I was so impressed how cheap the meal was. 2 miso soup, 2 sushi combo's, 2 special scallop (bottom right) and two green tea for $20 each! We were stuffed. My favorite are the tuna on the right and crunchy tempura roll on the bottom left.  I love crunch in my sushi and texture! Why do they always include a tamago (egg sushi)???? Does anyone like these?!


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