Kingsland Farmer's Market


I hope you all had a good weekend! I had a relaxing weekend for once in my life and on Saturday James and I headed to the new Kingsland Farmers' Market located off of Heritage Drive and McLeod Trail. I was, of course, looking forward to the FOOD! I love going to the market and getting a coffee and cupcake to walk around with and then deciding what I will have for an actual meal... Not to mention picking up some produce and jam along the way! We picked up the cutest pie for two as soon as we walked in.. What a good idea- an entire pie is always way too big for us. This is what I ended up having for my lunch:
This was the beef satay with rice, fresh vegetables and peanut sauce from Kaffir Lime Indonesia Grill for only $8.95. I want to go back for this RIGHT NOW.. It was soOoO yummy.. Everything was so fresh and the beef fell right off the skewer. I highly recommend it- especially if you like homemade peanut sauce!
All in all I thought the market had a good variety of food to choose from ranging everywhere from the authentic Creperie to a deluxe salad bar, Wayne's Bagels, Mexican cuisine, Sushi, Coco Brooks Pizza, Primal Soup Company, Juice bars etc etc.  I liked that there were unique booths such as "Angela's Olives", Jammin It jams and spreads, nut man, gelato, etc.. I found the produce to be VERY overpriced compared to Crossroads market and it was not fresh at all with wilted lettuce and browning banana's.. It might just have been the day we were there but James and I left pretty disappointed in the produce considering this is why we ventured to the market. I would go again to see if the selection improves and can't wait for the Calgary Farmers Market to open up again on March 4th!


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