For research purposes.. I HAD to try one......


McDonalds is offering their new buttermilk biscuit sandwich in either sausage or bacon for FREE February 9th & 10th and I HAD to try one... For research purposes of course! And because even though I had a shake for breakfast I was famished by the time 9:30 am rolled around... I went to the one on Stephen's Ave and it was lined up out the door with homeless and business people alike. I like these freebie promotions... And I think it's smart on McDonald's part as well- I bought a coffee there and would not have normally
The sausage is on the left and bacon on the right (I didn't eat both- one is a co-workers.. In fact I only managed to finish a 1/4 of this greasy sanny)... You can't go wrong with the taste of the salty sausage and cheese melted together.... Mmmm.. But the biscuit itself was VERY greasy/buttery and the brown paper bag I was eating on was DRENCHED after a few moments. The biscuit was pretty crumbly and hard to eat- I wouldn't order this one again.. I'll stick to my Sausage McMuffin.. I felt like I was gaining 3873 lbs. with this biscuit... Not bad all in all if your looking to soak up a night's drinking with something greasily delicious.


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