James and I had a date night last night and I was looking for a reasonably priced restaurant with a good menu and stumbled across "Firewater" located at 222 7th Street SW near the new Peace Bridge or close to Oceana. We loved the lounge atmosphere with wall fireplaces and lots of TV's and dark decor... The service was GREAT and even more impressive was the extremely reasonably priced menu and DELICIOUS food! It was wing night so we started with 15 "honey hot" -- (so damn good) 25 cent wings!!!! 
Super meaty, delicious wings.. This whole plate only $3.25!

These were the avocado spring rolls for $8.95.. I had to try these. In Vancouver at "The Eatery", a sushi place you MUST go to if you are ever there, they have avocado tempura called "Fat Elvis" and I was hoping they would bare the same resemblance. These were good but nothing special. I would stick to the wings next time or try something new.

O.M.G.... This was the best pizza we've had in YEARS! We didn't even see pizza on the online menu but there was a whole page of pizza pies which is normally a good sign. I think we have also found our favorite pizza!! We ALWAYS get half and half- half Hawaiian for James and half pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper for me... This was Hawaiian with mushrooms and we were in love!!!!! Such reasonable prices... We will definitely make the trek down from the south to eat at Firewater again... TRY THE PIZZA!!!
Drooling yet?! It was a fantastic night and meal! We went to the play "1984" at the Pumphouse Theater which is honestly 2 hours of my life I will never get back- but James really enjoyed it as he had read the book and seen the movie.. It was a bit drab for me but then again I like MUSICALS with HAPPY ENDINGS :D


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