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For Foreplay Friday this upcoming Friday we are going TIGHT AND BRIGHT BOWLING!!! WOOO! Can't WAIT! It is definitely going to be a night to remember... My neighbor Lindsay and I dragged our men to American Apparel on Saturday with the promise of beer and lunch as a reward for their patience while we tried on tight and bright get ups... SO FUNNY!!! I had intended on us going to FARM because I have heard SO much about this restaurant and was dying to try it... Unfortunately we were extremely disappointed to show up at 3 pm on a Saturday and have only a brunch menu to choose from with 6 items?! Three being salads... We decided to hit up Classic Jack's instead.. Always consistently good food and service. Here is what we dined on for our boozey Saturday lunch :D
These are Jack's "gourmet wings" in sweet chili for $12... They were SO good.. I love really crispy, piping hot wings and these fit the bill perfectly. I would order these again and maybe try their "lemon garlic herb" variety which is unique.
Lindsay had the poutine that advertised "Montreal's finest cheese curds" and haus made gravy for $8. The gravy was super yummy... With dining in Montreal as much as I have though I wouldn't call these true cheese curds but better than the shredded mozza a lot of restaurants try to call "Poutine"
I had *surprise* the rustic pizza with chicken, pesto, sundried tomato, red onion, green pepper, banana peppers and portobello mushrooms. Although I didn't see a banana pepper or mushroom on this pizza it was SO yummy.. I would order this again for only $14 and I could only finish half.
Classic Jack's allows you to order TWO sides with your meal... LOVE ITTT! Everything from fettucini alfredo to mashed potatoes, yam fries, salads, soups, etc.. .Here is the turkey wrap, beef barley soup and caesar salad. Cole mentioned the wrap was quite dry and he was dipping it in ketchup to make it more palatable.
James had Jack's famous beef dip melt which was smothered in Swiss cheese and served with au jus for $13. He chose spinach salad and yam fries for his side... I think the prices here are super reasonable!
Lindsay, Cole, and I at our mustache party in September!


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