Of all the restaurants in Calgary I would say that I probably dine at Chianti Cafe the most. I'm sure most of you have been and if you haven't... Are you out of your tree? Chianti is so reasonably priced with fresh pasta and cheap wine... I normally get the 1 L bottle of Chianti house red for $28.. What a steal. We didn't even finish the 1 L last night and they gave us a paper bag and allowed us to take it home?!?! WOW~ The greatest thing about Chianti is that you can get half and half pasta. I am definitely someone who likes a lot of variety and loves the fact I don't have to choose just one pasta. I dined here last night with my girlfriend Shannon and here is what we noshed on.. P.S. Sorry about the photos :( I got my old phone back and the camera SUCKS.. Will be investing in a nicer one soon ;)
We started with the mussels in a garlic wine sauce which were divine. The sauce was salty and tasted so delicious sopped up with the bread. I was a little curious as to why they suggested grated Parmesan on these but I suppose they added to the sauce.
Shannon and I normally get a cream sauce pasta and some type of baked tomato sauce dish... *DROOL*.. This is Shannon's ravioli formaggio and cannelloni.. YUM!
I normally always get fettucine alfredo and cannelloni
For dessert we walked around the mall and got one of our favorites- a Pudy's ice cream bar! Have you ever had one of these?! *HEAVEN*.. They take a frozen ice cream bar and dip it in either white chocolate or dark chocolate and then roll it in either nuts or sprinkles... We normally choose dark chocolate and nuts... SO GOOD! You must give it a try :D


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