1410 World Bier Haus


EEK! Sorry I haven't written lately... It's been a CRAZY BUSY week! My full time job, Pampered Chef and social life have been going nuts... As per usual but I thrive in chaos so hey... Bring it on!
Wednesday night a good girlfriend and I headed for some retail therapy and to pick out some AWESOME tight and bright outfits for our upcoming Foreplay Friday bowling event... Gonna be SeXy. I really wanted to try FARM but there was a 2 hour wait so I figured 1410 World Beer Haus located at 1410 17th Avenue SW would be a reliable close second. I REALLY love 1410. The prices are so unbelievably reasonable and even though they break my rule about "huge menu = huge disappointment" they actually do all of their menu items REALLY well... Love the cheap prices and deliciously upscale pub grub. Here is what we had!
One of my girlfriends suggested that I try this grapefruit beer called "Figo Raddler"... Okay COMPLETELY wrong spelling but just order the grapefruit beer.. It takes like sparkling grapefruit juice. SO light and yummy!
Wings were on for 20 cents each.. Kim and I have gone for wings for YEARS and had to try some. They were delicious.. Ranch was $1 extra but the wings were crispy and super flavorful.
I got the roasted vegetable and chicken flatbread. This was more like a thin crust pizza to me than flat bread but there was fresh mozzarella, basil and sundried tomatoes on top and I REALLY  loved this dish! Especially for only $14! What a steal!
Kim ordered the tortellini which I was honestly a bit skeptical about... OMG it was DELICIOUS! The sauce was so flavorful and had a bit of a kick to it and the tortellini was PERFECTLY cooked. One of my pet peeves with tortellini is that it is normally too al dente for me and a bit hard but this was extremely soft and perfectly cooked. We will be back! I highly recommend their daily specials- they have great food here!


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