What the ?!?!?


*GASP*.. A restaurant.. Downtown.. That has been there for years... THAT I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT?! I'm so confused... "Essence" is located in the Westin Hotel right beside The Keg at 4th Avenue and 3rd Street in the heart of downtown serving American cuisine. I think I may have seen their sign but it looked and sounded just like a spa. I dined here today with my boss who was convinced there was another restaurant at The Westin much to my surprise. Essence is quite impressive for such a tucked away, unheard of restaurant.. Except for the fact that our waiter was trying to juggle 15 tables solo and not doing the best at it... The decor is very fresh and contemporary with art made from snippets of nature and classy furnishings. Breakfast and lunch is served daily on their menu ranging anywhere from $12-40 for a lunch entree. Here is what we had!
Always a gold star from the Food FaNaTiC... warm, freshly baked bread with olive infused olive oil and olive butter.
My cattle ranching boss actually opted for salmon instead of beef for once in his life and quite enjoyed this generous portion of salmon. They asked how he would like it done to which he replied "well done".. No sashimi for this cowboy ;).. He also informed me of the saying "hog and jog" instead of "dine and dash" BAHAHA
I had the cajun chicken "taco"... Hmmm this looks mighty similar to a WRAP Essence, no? If you follow my blog you know that wraps remind me of human skin.. So I am not a huge fan BUT you know what?! It was absolutely delicious! I thought the piped sour cream and classy presentation was also a plus. I would order this again.. One of the best WRAPS I have ever had. And how can you go wrong with guac?! I ordered the arugula salad to go alongside (good girl)... I highly suggest this dish! What a great lunch!


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