What do YOU crave?!


I CONSTANTLY crave random food... I'm sure James gets annoyed when out of the blue just before we fall asleep I'll say something like, "I NEED a corn dog".. I can't imagine what it is going to be like when I am pregnant but here are a few of my constant cravings that I seem to fantasize about on a daily basis...
Gnocchi in a gorgonzola cream sauce. I LOVE CREAM SAUCES.. Yummmmmm
My all time favorite food.... Pizza in any shape or form.. Preferably deep dish... Or Neapolitan
This photo makes me DROOL. I love homemade brownies with vanilla ice cream.... MMMM
Why oh WHY do I crave KFC so often? I honestly haven't had it for YEARS but my family used to order it once a year for a greasy treat.. I love the chicken, macaroni salad and honey balls! .. I think they were corn fritters you dip in honey.
I LOVE taking vanilla ice cream and mashing up a waffle cone, chocolate chips and almonds to make a delicious treat. I do this all the time after dinner and stir it up so it's soft and each bite is crunchy... Kind of like Marble Slab
Have you ever had a true Montreal steamed hot dog with coleslaw and mustard? If not I'm sorry to hear that... One of the best foods on the planet and make SURE if you ever go to Quebec to treat yourself to this roadside delight.. YUM!
Since we're speaking about Montreal... If you have never had a "true" Montreal smoked meat sandwich I am also sorry to hear that. The meat melts in your mouth... served with coleslaw, a dill pickle and a cherry Coke ideally... Rye bread, mustard.. You got an orgasm on a plate my friends. Whenever my family from Montreal come to town they bring a brisket of smoked meat and a jar of the true dill pickles.... OMG this is making me way too hungry...
TRUE Montreal poutine... The trick is REAL cheese curds and old potatoes that are dark in color and have triple the flavor of our westerner fries...... I am pining for some Montreal poutine.. Might be time for another trip east ;)
I crave wonton soup all the time.. Especially when I am abroad and can't get my hands on this comforting soup.
Ginger beef!!! This Szechuan dish was created in CALGARY in the late 1970's and has been a Calgary staple ever since. I love it crispy and a tad spicy.. My favorite is from Silver Dragon.
Mmmmm homemade chocolate chip cookies.. So fun to make... Love eating the batter which tastes different than the cooked cookie and dipping the warm cookies in milk....
Mmmm moist cupcakes with a cream cheese icing... That's what I dream about... My favorite in the city is Buttercream because of their variety of flavors!
I love 5 cent candy.. Especially when watching a movie... I like the sour, sugar covered ones. NUM
My mom makes the best carrot cake... hands down... no competition.. BRING IT! It is the moistest cake EVER with the best cream cheese frosting I have ever had... I beg her to make it.. Yummmmm
Another famous mama Dippel recipe is pumpkin pie.. Our recipe dates back to 1800 Scotland and it is THE BOMB. Nothing compares to it and I only get it once a year. Here's the recipe
My favorite homemade meal is prime rib with yorkshire pudding.... I would rather this than turkey during the holidays.
King crab.. My fav seafood!
What do they put in cocktail sauce? Is it crack cocaine?! Because I often crave shrimp cocktail and namely the sauce
MmMmM Carnival food... Especially CORN DOGS with MUSTARD!
Laura Secord's "Super Kid" ice cream. This super kid LOVES it!
McDonalds Big Mac. It's all about the thousand island dressing on the burger...
Stuffed mushroom caps... Especially Keg's "Mushroom Neptune"

Okay I could go on but this is just getting embarrassing... BAHAHA! As you can see I really do dream about food and fantasize about it... Notice how nothing on this list is SALAD?! PFFT! Bring on the "full flavor"... What do you crave?! Did you crave anything weird when you were pregnant??? I can't imagine what I will be like when I'm preggers.. LOOK OUT!


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