Weekend in Kimberley!!!!


The whole reason all of us went up was for one of my bestest friends birthdays- CHANTY! Here we are on the first night in our pimp townhouse right on the hill!
Whoa... What a weekend... James and I normally go on an average of two ski weekends a year but this one takes the cake! It was one of those cry because your leaving can't we be snowed in and do it all again kind of weekends?!!?.... One of those weekends that you want to weep driving home because you know you have to work the next day...
Here is Chanty's birthday cake from her brother and his girlfriend who were unable to make it. This is a Crave cake... $50 pre-ordered but oh man... It had about six layers of chocolaty goodness and was truly AMAZING! I think it was much yummier than their cupcakes even because you weren't overloaded with icing.
Here is the view from the hot tub. WOW... Right on the hill! I love ski in/ski out accommodation... This way you can go home for lunch and pick up some more brewskis if necessary ;)
Here are the town homes we stayed in. The roads were completely clear on the drive up but it began snowing as soon as we arrived and didn't let up until the morning we left.... Perfect powder!!!!
YuMmM Chanty made her famous crab scramble for breakfast. Here's the recipe!
James stealing some of my scramble :p
One of my favorite pics from the weekend... SpOoN time with my ladies :D
We played A LOT of games of "What?" which I highly recommend!!!! It is similar to "Things in a Box" but better we all concurred.... You can play this game with up to 20 people and I was laughing so hard I was crying on several occasions.
Things got a little wild... HOT TUB TIME!
Very interesting art at this chalet.... HEHEHEHE
SuNdAy FuNdAy
Good times and amazing people.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANTALLE! :D


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