Rustica Steakhouse- James' B-DAY!


Here's my sexy hubby on his stag heading to Canmore in 2009... What an AMAZING stag he had... BAHAHA!
Here's a much better photo of him on our wedding day ;)
James and I are both December babies and it was James' birthday on Monday, December 27th. I decided to take him to Rustica Steakhouse located at the Silvertip Golf Course in Canmore. I love that his birthday is on the 27th.. I always shop for him on Boxing Day! Silvertip is normally open Thursday - Sunday but during the holidays they are open throughout including Christmas day and New Years Eve. The chef had prepared a "Table d'hote" which is a French phrase meaning "host's table"... It is used as a restaurant terminology to indicate a menu where multi-course meals with only a few choices are charged at a fixed price. In this case it was only $50 for four courses! What a steal for this quality of food. Here is what we dined on this special night:
A good meal should always start with something complimentary from the chef. We were treated to three infused oils from left to right: parmesan, basil & balsamic (my fav!), and chili infused oil. The bread was baked on site and was SO fresh!
YAY! An amuse bouche... This is another compliments of the chef appy to excite your palate. This is a duck confit spring roll with caramelized onion and a cranberry dipping sauce. Absolutely delicious and piping hot.
This warm cheese fondue was the first course. It was gouda & goat's cheese with a chipotle cranberry compote and grilled flat bread. The other options were a cream of mushroom soup and gourmet mixed greens. I think cheese fondue is the obvious choice here! It was delicious although I wasn't a fan of the chipotle in the compote. Love the presentation.
This was our "palate cleanser" before the main course which is common for coursed meals. A palate cleanser is meant to remove lingering flavors from the mouth so that the next course may be enjoyed with a fresh perspective. My only problem with this palate "cleanser" is that it was lychee flavored which is quite a strong fruit and the taste really lingered.
WOW!!! Now that is a piece of MEAT! James "bigged it up" for another $12 and got a 18 oz. Canadian prime bone in rib steak. The marbling in this steak was unbelievable... The waiter informed us the bone was around 10 oz. so the steak itself was 8 or so. Love the port sauce alongside as well.
This. Tasted. AMAZING... One of the best steaks I have EVER had... This is the 6 oz. petit filet and one of the highest grades of beef on the planet. It was served with a port sauce and the steak literally melted in your mouth.
For sides we shared the truffle mashed potatoes.. *BLISS* and the grilled asparagus with Parmesan.
I mentioned on Open Table when I booked this restaurant that it was James' birthday so I was impressed when we received this personalized dessert for him without me mentioning it to the waiter! Classy. This was the Christmas creme brulee with white chocolate, eggnog and bruleed candy cane!
This crumble was heavenly.. A warm cranberry apple crumble with Christmas spices and vanilla ice cream... Mmmm
This was a perfect way to celebrate James' birthday! We ended up staying the night in Canmore and had an awesome time. Love you babe <3


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