RaNdOm FoOd PhOtOs


From the past few days.... 
Here is an actual picture of the lobster mac at The Met... This was my date's though! I was a good girl and had a healthier selection... Begrudgingly...
I had the roasted chicken quesadilla with roasted red peppers and a homemade corn salsa. Really yummy!
James came home with this DELICIOUS and quick meal on Tuesday night. This is phyllo wrapped halibut with roasted garlic and cream cheese inside sprinkled with thyme... 20 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees and it was done!!! He got these at Sobeys and they were $8.99 each for a healthy portion
Healthy lunch yesterday from Cultures.. It was delicious! For $8.99 I had a choice of sandwich with two side salads. I chose a chicken sandwich on brown with a Greek salad which wasn't very good and a carrot & broccoli salad. Definitely the healthiest thing I could have eaten from the food court... I was craving Chinese... Good girl!


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