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Well the CLEANSE IS OVER! Thank the Lord.. We had really great results though. James lost 12 lbs and I lost 6!!! WOW! Look what not drinking vino on a daily basis can do for your bod! hehehe... It was the only cleanse we have ever "stuck to" and sorry but the food was so boring and bland I don't even care to document it.. 
FRIDAY... A bunch of us gals go out once a month on a Friday and do something completely out of our box such as a shooting range, wine tasting, dancing, etc.. This event is something we all really look forward to and have dubbed it "FOREPLAY FRIDAY!". This month we rented a party bus which took us to Ranchman's... It felt like being picked up from a party... In a party.. To arrive to a party. What an a-mazing night... Here are some photos ;)
Calm before the storm...
The whole gang in front of the party bus... 17 of us this round!
We were kind of a big deal ;)
Way too much fun....
Let's just say I wasn't that sad that my Pampered Chef show rescheduled on Saturday morning.... I did, however, get drug through Costco with James on Saturday fighting off waves of nausea and dizziness.. For the record: vodka water does NOT PREVENT HANGOVERS.. Blech...

Here's our haul... We won't have to grocery shop for a long long long time! We like buying our meats from Costco and having that bulk food ready in our pantry instead of running to the store all the time..... Can't believe how much the bill came to... Typically Costco shop- go in for toilet paper and.. ;)
As a celebration for completing our 7 day cleanse James and I wanted something sinful... Something delicious... something CHEESY! No dairy for 7 days SUCKED! We decided to try "Manies Pizzaria and Greek Cuisine" located at 819-17th Avenue SW across from Mount Royal Village. I'm always in search of the best of the best pizza but I have to say I was disappointed in the overpriced selection at Manies. The pizza WAS great but for the price? I won't be back.. Here is what we had!:
I guess I am drinking again... HAHA! Red wine has never tasted so good... This is one of our favs but overpriced at Manies for $42
MMMMM.. Saganaki... melted Greek cheese with Brandy poured over top, lit on fire and extinguished with a lemon. This was exceptionally good...
Saganaki is not normally served with pita but this homemade pita was truly delicious and we did end up putting the cheese on the bread instead of straight up ;)
What Manies is famous for.. I love how the crust was deep dish and then the dough thinned out and the toppings rose to meet the crust.  Definitely delicious pizza.. But $19 for a 10" pizza?!?! Overpriced for sure... I would get Hawaiian next time as I wasn't a fan of the pepperoni.
James got the calamari special which was $15.75 and cane with rice and potatoes. The potatoes were SO good. Melt in your mouth and tasted delicious. The calamari was also really great and tender, not chewy.
I love spontaneity.... We got a call from some friends who happened to be pretty close to where we were eating dinner so we met up with them at Richmond's pub and ended up going bowling!!! What a fun night! There were fireworks going off outside the bowling alley?! SO RANDOM! SUNDAY FUNDAY! :D


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