My fav tuna sandwich....


I had a personal day yesterday to attend a ton of appointments before James' benefits run out and just get things organized in my busy life... Whenever I take one of these days I try to meet up with my mama for lunch and we normally go somewhere near the vet clinic she works at in Douglasdale which happened to be the Bull & Finch. They have changed ownership in the past year or so and I really like their new menu with lots to choose from and yummy daily specials. We normally always have the chef's salad and the tuna sandwich which is exactly what we dined on yesterday... Mmmmmm tuna sanny!!!!
It doesn't look like much but this multi grain sandwich has big slices of DILL pickle and red onion which really make this sandwich for me... Yummmm pickles. I had the side salad with blue cheese dressing.
Chef's salad with a vinaigrette. Nothing fancy but there are a lot of toppings :)
Love you Mama Dippel :D


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