My best friend's wedding!!!!


Here comes the beautiful bride!
Shannon and I have been friends for 16 years and  through this time have been through so much including traveling to Cuba to celebrate graduating from university, bible camp each summer, family vacations, first kisses, broken hearts and befallen pets. This weekend was such a storybook union of two people who love each other so much. Mark and Shannon met around two years ago when we were at the infamous Ranchman's. Shannon commented on the "cute guy" walking by and I couldn't help but pinch his butt and when he turned around I pointed at her... He took her for a spin on the dance floor and the rest, as they say, is history. 
On January 15th, 2011 they wed at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, AB and here are a few photos to share their special day with you... I was honored to be Shannon's maid of honor as she was at my wedding and James had a blast meeting a bunch of new friends while I spent the day and dinner with the bridal party... He also took photos of some of the FOOD during cocktail hour for me. Good man ;)
Shannon and us three bridesmaids had a sleepover on the night of the wedding and were served a delicious breakfast when we woke up :D
Mark had his groomsmen send over a number of cards during the day and this gorgeous bouquet arrived that we ended up placing at the ceremony. SO pretty!
After my hair and make up were completed
Ceremony and reception were in this room.. So gorgeous! Huge fireplace to the right that you can't see too
Me walking down the aisle with the best man Reid.
The setting was absolutely storybook... It snowed the entire weekend and the cozy Buffalo Mountain Lodge was the perfect setting for this beautiful wedding
The roads on the way to Banff were pretty scary though.. It was a blizzard the entire weekend almost and this was the view just past Canmore. Luckily everyone made it safely!
All of the slate floors AND carpet was heated!!! SO NICE! Love this claw foot tub too.
The rooms were beautiful with wood burning fireplaces and cozy blankets.
We took some photos at the Banff Springs and I got a blueberry tea which is Grand Marnier and tea.. I highly recommend it! So yummy and comforting on a cold day.
While I was getting photos my amazing husband had to take some photos of the cocktail hour food for his foodie wife! These were SO good and we caught the tail end of them... Beef saute with peanut sauce!!! MMMMM
Veggie egg rolls and mango salsa
Pancetta wrapped prawns. They look huge!
Here were some of the center pieces for the reception. Love the branches!
The cake! Easily one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever tasted in my life. SO moist and delicious... I want a piece right NOW! Note the Pampered Chef cake server.. TEEHEHE
Head table eats first WOOP!
First dance. Beautiful dress!
Oh man who invited her.... :p
Perfect day for the perfect couple... And they are en route to the Dominican right now... SO JEALOUS!


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