More photos from the break...


To say that James and I have busy schedules is an understatement of the year award.. We literally have to book time together and sometimes it can be a little ridiculous between our full time jobs, Pampered Chef which can sometimes feel full time, big social lives, hockey, community associations and much more... During the Christmas break we actually... TOOK A BREAK! It was the best "staycation" we have ever had and spent a lot of time eating and doing NOTHING... It felt AMAZING and made me realize we need to spend more time "flying by the seat of our pants" as James loves to do... Here are a few highlights of our time off :D
This Christmas Eve at Silver Dragon Restaurant... My favorite Chinese restaurant in the city! The mayo prawns in the center can only be described as heaven on earth! My family went with my brother's girlfriend Bev and her family!
Christmas morning at my parent's place.. James got GOGGLESSSSS
We were bored one day so James whipped up some homemade bread... Ain't no thang... He loves making roasts, homemade bread and pizza dough and those types of things.. He just used the recipe in the "Joy of Cooking" cookbook and patiently kneaded, rose and baked this bread. What a guy!
The recipe was enough for two loaves so he made this one into a focaccia with Italian seasoning and olive oil
We had a bit of a shindig at a good friend's house on December 30th. Look at these delicious 4-layer nachos!!! Ground beef with taco seasoning, banana peppers, olives, jalapenos, the WORKS! They were to die for!
FaT cAt... Our cat Henderson! She's a girl but we loved that name.. We call her Hendy
Calamari at Chianti's... I was too hungry to take photos of our pasta apparently!?
Our new baby Fraggle! The most impossible animal to take a photo of cause all he does is squirm and wiggle and run around... I am in LOVE! Who would have thought that I would like cats ?!?! We got him from the SPCA on December 28th
Look I'm the size of a SHOE!
This is just the beginning of the spread of food we had on New Years Even. The sushi was SO good and the cheesecake cupcakes on the right were divine! Thanks friends!!!!

Mmmm bruschetta and bacon chive bites in the background

Delicious 3 layer dip and hash browns and CHEESE
 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Al was our bartender! Made some GREAT drinks! 
We were intending to have a "dinner party" but we had a lot more people than we bargained for which was awesome- people make a party!!!
Look at all that FOOD! YUM!
Happy New Year ya'll. Hope you had a great break!!!


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