Cafe Koi


Cafe Koi is merely a block away from my office located at 1011-1st Street SW and it always slips my mind for lunch.. Until today! This restaurant's menu is vegan, vegetarian and diet friendly with a lot of options for vegetarians which is great in this carnivorous city. They have "Vegelicious Monday's" and all veggie dishes are $2 off.... I dined with my two work wives and this is what we ate:
Green gyoza?! These are pan-seared vegetarian dumplings with citrus soy dip. I was a bit apprehensive about eating gyoza sans pork but they were really delicious and perfectly pan seared. I would order these again for $7.95
"The Buddah Bowl" which was vegetarian coconut curry bowl featuring mushrooms, broccoli, and other fresh veggies topped with seared five spiced tofu. The vegetables are so fresh. My co-worker loved this creation and said she will be back!
The Buddah Bowl came with a side of rice as well
"Dr. Phang's Beef & Broccoli" which had tender sirloin strips, crunchy broccoli and mushrooms seared and glazed in the Dr.'s secret satay sauce. My work wife also really enjoyed this dish and was happy it was "peppers free"
I noshed on the "Sea of Happiness" with fresh mussels, prawns, and salmon morsels (chunks!) braised in their favorite coconut curry and loaded with vegetables. The coconut curry was sooo delicious and sweet... It used coconut milk so was vegan friendly (minus all the crustaceans!).. I would definitely dine at Koi again. Super fresh food and tons of veggies :)


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