What's your weird food combination?!


  After a few glasses of vino and some late night munching one of my girlfriend's introduced me to this lovely creation... Toast with a thin layer of butter followed by raspberry or blackberry jam and finished with thinly sliced cheese.... YUM! Who would have thunk it? The cheese kinda gets melty and it is a really satisfying snack. I will be making this again! I also like Cheese Whiz and raspberry jam.What is your weird food combination?
MmMmMmm can't go wrong with peanut butter, banana and honey toast.
This.... Is.... Gross... My grandfather's favorite sandwich. Peanut butter, mayonnaise and raw white onion... You would be surprised how many recipes for peanut butter and mayo sandwiches I found online *ICK*.. Might have to try for research purposes...
People are weird.. EwWwWwwwwW
One of my favorite 7-11 indulgences is... Ketchup chips... Dipped in...
PEPSI SLURPEE! SO GOOD! Don't judge until you try... It fizzes in your mouth. I got introduced to this in High school and still do it to this day.
Ever try dipping your fries in your Frosty? Delicious
Is there any better pairing than grilled cheese & tomato soup? With the grilled cheese being dipped of course

What a cool idea for hors devours!
Pickles and peanut butter seem to be a common theme. I really like potato chips in sandwiches too
My girlfriend likes to put MUSTARD in Kraft Dinner for some extra twang... It's actually not bad considering homemade mac n' cheese normally contains mustard.
Apparently some crazy peeps like to put ketchup on their pancakes. But how bout this idea for a pancake dispenser?!
"Frito Brittle"... Frito corn chips and caramel. Apparently the sweet and salty make a good combo
When I go to the theater I love the popcorn and peanut M & M combo. YUM!
Rice & grapes?! You crazyyyyyy beyotch
In the south it is very common to put salt on watermelon
Sharp cheese such as gorgonzola which is a type of blue cheese and fruit such as pears and apples go really well together. One of my favorite pizzas is poached pear, gorgonzola and balsamic vinegar. Amazing combo!
People seem to like to dip anything in peanut butter.. In doing this blog post I have found nacho chips, bologna, uncooked pasta?, apples (yum!.. normal!), pickles, etc.
Dipping pizza in ranch is a Canadian classic but people from other countries think we are out of our minds!
Bacon twinkies?! Okay that is just wrong... Repeat after me "Only in Americaaaaa"
French toast bacon cupcakes...
It takes a lot but I might have lost my appetite on the twinkie baconators.. BAHAHA


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