Trader's Grill at the Marriott Hotel


The Marriott Hotel right across from the Calgary tower has a delicious breakfast brunch every morning complete with eggs benedict, fresh fruit, chocolate milk, an omelet station and much more... For lunch they have this great "Salad Creation Station" for $18 per person (I don't think that's the actual name but that's what I call it!) How it works is you get a big wooden bowl:
And then you choose your lettuce:
 They have a number of toppings for the fixings in your salad.. Everything from whole cloves of roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, chick peas, wild rice, cous cous, strawberries, mandarin oranges, olives, etc etc:
One of my favorite parts was the selection of cheeses... MMMMM:
There were a large selection of oils and vinegars to make your own dressing. I was a little disappointed they only had three homemade dressings though- and none of them were the classic thousand island, blue cheese etc.

Nuts and seeds:
  Bread Station:
At the end of assembling your salad you hand the big wooden bowl to a "salad mixing lady" who tosses it. Then you choose which skewer of meat you would like: cilantro beef, ginger chicken or pesto salmon and she places some skewers on top of your newly plated and tossed salad:
We tried the banana cream pie for dessert because the client I was taking out always has to try the banana cream pie if it is on any menu.. It was nothing to write home about...
This is a great place to go for a really good salad that goes above and beyond.. You can also order a la carte off of the menu! Give it a try!


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