Thomsons Restaurant


Thomsons Restaurant is located in the Hyatt Hotel at 112 8th Avenue SE in the heart of downtown. I was looking for a last minute reservation last Friday and knew this restaurant would have a few spots open as it is not as popular as the normal haunts such as The Met etc. The last Friday before Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year to get a reservation downtown so I was lucky to snag one! I really like the ambiance at Thomsons. The kitchen has huge rock arches and is built in one of Calgary's earliest sandstone buildings. There are huge black chandeliers hanging and it makes for a very elegant atmosphere. Here is what we dined on:
My date had to send his hamburger back because they served it with onions which he requested not be on the burger. He said it was a tasty burger in the end though. 
For a starter I had the soup of the day which was carrot ginger... It was a good soup but hard to beat Thailand's famous carrot soup... The bowl was also MASSIVE. I would have preferred a cup of soup and I couldn't even finish it.
This multi grain bread was really delicious. I thought the raffia tied around the bread was a nice touch as well.
This was the wild mushroom ravioli in a cream sauce with wilted spinach. The dish was very flavorful with some truffle oil but the pasta was a bit too al dente for me... The edges were a bit chewy so two more minutes of boiling would have been ideal. Really yummy flavor though.
All in all the meal was okay this time... Not as good as I've had at Thomsons before.. I will have to revisit another time.


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