Some photos from Christmas!


Bev and my brother <3
We had a unique Christmas this year at my brother's girlfriend's parent's house and they have a Portuguese and Chinese background. The food was SO good and so was the company. What a great way to spend Christmas! Here is a few photos from what we dined on... More to come!
This is Bev's dad's favorite.. Portuguese salad. You take a lettuce leaf and get a mix of pickled asparagus, cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs, beets and cucumbers. The mayo sauce is delicious- mayo and Splenda. YUM!
Portuguese salad dressed
Homemade samosa's! Delicious... Much better looking than this photo :)
My mom cooked a stuffed turkey as well... My mom's stuffing is the BEST! We fight over it every year.
Yummm.. TOWER of desserts... Egg nog shortbread, homemade butter tarts, sugar cookies, candy cane brittle and shortbread on the top with caramel and chocolate... Yummmm

This is my boxing day feast at the mall... Poutine, hot dog and Pepsi... Breakfast of Champions!!! James got up with me at 6 am and we hit some stores. My favorite is always the Banana Republic at Deerfoot Meadows as they normally put the store on for 50% off the entire store... We also hit Best Buy and got another computer monitor and better speakers for the computer.. I got a pretty good haul which I'll blog about soon! :D
One of the most exciting parts of our break has been the new addition to our family!!! This is Fraggle!!! He is 3 months old from the Humane Society and loves to give kisses and get belly rubs.. WE LOVE HIM!!!! He won't stop purring!
Henderson on the other hand doesn't know what to think... So far not impressed.. But we bought him to be your buddy Henderson!!! We will slowly integrate them over the next few days and see how it goes.. More photos to come!


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