The King & I Thai Cuisine


THIS is how I wish the food tasted while we were in Thailand earlier this year... Fresh, delicious, and sumptuous.. I went for a lunch date yesterday with a very special friend and we decided to hit up The King & I Thai Cuisine- my favorite Thai restaurant in the city and we were not disappointed. The King & I has a great lunch menu that sizes down the proportions for a really great lunch.. Here is what we had:
These are the coconut prawns with a pineapple sweet and sour sauce.. Easily some of the best coconut shrimp I have EVER had...  The prawns were dipped in a light coconut batter and then deep-fried for $10.50. Perfectly cooked and so much coconut! Delicious! I will get these every time!
My date had the "Galanga Cashew" which was snow peas, asparagus & cashews which are stir-fried with chili sauce and Thai ginger (galanga) with chicken for $16. This dish was served with coconut rice and the freshness of the vegetables really popped. I love a stir-fry that has vegetables you ACTUALLY want to eat such as asparagus and snow peas. Delicious! I like the delicate cucumber salad they served with it as a refresher.
I had the "Chef's Choice Combo" which changes daily for $14. What a feast for $14! Coconut rice, a basil shrimp stir-fry in a green curry sauce (to DIE for.. Sweet and delicious!), Thai chicken salad with a peanut sauce and my favorite: chicken and beef satay served with spicy peanut sauce. I ended up dipping everything in the spicy peanut sauce. What a treat! It was SO fresh and delicious. I will be back!


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