James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant


My work family means the world to me... We are all super close and have a really great relationship inside and outside of work. We have a tradition of taking each other out for a big birthday lunch on our birthday's and this year they surprised me and took me to James Joyce Irish Pub on 1st Street West and 8th Avenue. I LOOOVE one of their appetizers which is the brie wrapped in phyllo with strawberries and honey.. You know what is stupid though??? They don't serve appetizers before 2:00 pm. To me that is a huge profit loss and customer piss off.. It's great to have an appy at lunch occasionally or have some shared plates for your actual meal. Either way here is what we noshed on (sorry the photos aren't the greatest.. The lighting was darker):
This was easily the best dish anyone ordered.. I was debating over it and SHOULD HAVE ORDERED IT! It was a wild mushroom and chicken penne in a cream sauce that was heavenly... Damn it!
Salmon caesar. nothing to write home about but tasty.
Shepherds pie... It wasn't bad but it was a tad bland. I do like know they pipe the potatoes though. Looks fancy!
This is what I ordered... Looks great right? WRONG! It was SO bland... It was the "beef and Guinness pie" with root vegetables, sirloin tip and Guinness gravy. It was bland... bland... and boring... and there was too much gravy.. Should have gotten the penne!
*DROOL*.. This was the piece de resistance... Irish bread pudding with caramel sauce. It was so warm and sticky and gooey and PERFECT FOR A BIRTHDAY GIRL!
Thank you my wonderful work family. Love you to bits.


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