Homemade Eggs Benny!


James and I were SO excited to have the entire weekend together and we started it off with homemade eggs benedict and coffee and Baileys... Is there a better way to start a weekend?! James made the entire thing and the Hollandaise sauce was SO yummy. James' favorite cookbook is the Joy of Cooking. The Joy of Cooking cookbook is one of the most printed recipe books in the United States with more than 18 million copies sold. James loves this book because it has everything from butchering meat to pizza dough to homemade bread. All of the essential basics including classic sauces and recipes. It is old school with black & white, hand drawn illustrations. We use it all the time!
Here is the recipe for that "NEVER FAIL HOLLANDAISE SAUCE":
Melt slowly and keep warm:
1/2 cup butter

Barely heat:
1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice
dry sherry or tarragon vinegar

Have ready a small saucepan of boiling water & a tb. with which to measure it when ready. Place in the top of a double boiler over-not in-hot water:
3 egg yolks
Beat the yolks with a wire whisk until they begin to thicken. Add:
1 tbsp boiling water

Beat again until the eggs begin to thicken. Repeat this process until you have added:
3 more tbsp water

Then beat in the warm lemon juice. Remove the double boiler from the heat. Beat the sauce well with a wire whisk. Beat constantly while adding the melted butter slowly and:
1/4 tsp salt
a few grains of cayenne

Beat until the sauce is thick. Serve at once.

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do! Hollandaise is also great on asparagus. 


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