The Diet's Off Damnit!!!


 It's Christmas... A time of EATING... DRINKING and BEING GODDAMN MERRY! So I am NOT EATING SALAD... As of like last week as you can tell from my blog posts.. BAHAHA... I went to the King Henry on 8th Avenue with two of my besties and we were all feeling the same... My one girlfriend who is normally ALWAYS on a health/diet kick was saying TO HELL WITH THAT! IT'S CHRISTMAS! And I agree.... NO SALADS ALLOWED! January 3rd I will begin again but until then... This is what we dined on. HALLELUJAH!
*** Important note! The King Henry is closing down in two weeks after 25 long years servicing a very wide range of clientele- from business people to bums and it's always PACKED because of their great food and cheap drinks... Check it out before they close down***
Mmmmm poutine... $6 poutine that could feed an army. This is what we started with. FATTY BEANS! BAHAHA
Beef dip and onion rings.. That fits the bill for our undiet! The bread was really fresh but it was quite a big portion. My date wasn't able to finish it. She loved the onion rings though!
Cajun chicken sandwich... Smothered in cheese.. At least the chicken was grilled! MORE FRIES! This is my health conscious girlfriend's meal. YOU GO GIRL! BAHAHA
And guess what Andies had? ZA!!! Are you surprised!?!? This is an 8" pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper.


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