Vicious Circle


I had a late lunch the other day at Vicious Circle which is just down from my office and it really hit the spot! Vicious Circle is located at 1011 1st Street SW and is infamous for the largest martini list in the city. It is really neat inside and reminds me of a cave or a den. Here is what we noshed on:
For an appetizer we started with their "trio of dips". From left to right we have a delicious bruschetta that was so flavorful! I loooved this bruschetta, taziki sauce, and hummus. It was served with their famous "coyote bread" which is a wheat focaccia that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It reminds me of a pita.
My date had the pepperoni and mushroom pizza which is also served on the coyote bread. He really liked it except for the tomatoes hiding underneath the cheese. Besides that the crust was really flavorful and who doesn't like marble cheese!
I was a good girl and stuck to my diet.. I had the "swammi chicken salad" which was crisp romaine, scallions, baby corn, carrots combined with their Indonesian chicken and a drizzle of vinaigrette. It was a really big salad so I didn't come close to finishing it. The chicken was a bit sweet/strong flavored for me but I felt good about my healthier choice.


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