Saint Germain


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a good weekend and some good EATS! It was my best friend Shannon's stagette this weekend and we had a super fun day! We went to "Pole Junkies" and did some pole dancing classes:
We then checked into the beautiful Hotel Arts and the service was AMAZING!!! I am blown away by the service they provided us with. We had our make up done by a local artist and relaxed! What a great day.
At Hotel Arts after all our make up is done :)
For dinner we dined at the Saint Germain restaurant that is in Hotel Arts but independent from the hotel itself. They had a three course meal on for $39 ?!?! What a steal! They even threw in four glasses of Prosseco to start our meal and help celebrate Shannon's stagette! What a classy place. Here is what we ate:
For the first course you had the choice of beef barley soup or mussels. Here is one of the girls beef barley soup which was so comforting on a chilly night.
Here are the mussels which had a celery and white wine broth. They were good but we wanted a bit more broth to dip our bread in.
For the entree we had the choice of salmon or duck. My dates all ordered the salmon which came with some black lentils, a cream sauce and some sweet potato chips. The salmon was perfectly cooked and quite a large portion even though it doesn't look like it here.
Here is the duck breast with a hoison sauce and cauliflower puree at the bottom. The top bit is crunchy caramelized onions which were sooo good. I LOVED this dish. It had a sweet and tangy flavor and the cauliflower puree was just like mashed potatoes.
For dessert I chose the creme brulee with Grand Marnier and vanilla liqueur. It was delicious but unfortunately came out long after the other desserts had been presented and eaten.
This beautiful dessert is a cranberry apple crumble with vanilla gelato on top. I love the ring of apple on the top and how it was presented in the dish it was baked in. Delicious!
Here is the beautiful bride to be at Raw Bar in Hotel Arts drinking the custom cocktail they made just for her! It was a blondie Cosmo to go with our "Sex and the City" theme. Delicious!


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