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I am ACTUALLY on a new "lifestyle" plan.. NOT A DIET!!! I met with a trainer yesterday and have my first work out with her today... Wish me luck!!! I wrote a blog post a few weeks back that it was "diet" time but I wasn't prepared for it.. My fridge wasn't stocked for it and I wasn't ready. I want to be toned up for house boating next year! Soooo... One of the things I have done and gone about making a meal plan, packing my lunch *GASP*, and packing a number of healthy snacks during the day... Here are a few healthy snacks that are great for staying in shape! I learned so much yesterday!
Babybel cheese in a one ounce form is a good source of "good fat" and protein. She said to pair the cheese with an apple or a piece of fruit for a morning snack.
Another great cheese is The Laughing Cow which is a soft, silky cheese and on most diet plans.
Hard boiled eggs are an awesome source of protein and will fill you up. I boiled some last night.. To make a hard boiled egg put an egg in a sauce pan and cover with water. Bring to a boil and once the egg is at a boil turn the burner off and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and store in the fridge or eat... Orrr make egg salad sandwiches!
8-10 almonds are great on top of cereal, to munch on as a snack or mix with yogurt and berries. I always keep a little baggie in my car so when I am hungry I can munch on these. Almonds were among the earliest cultivated foods and have been shown to aid in weight loss.
James and I are soOo sick of carrots and celery... Sonja came up with this idea of ants on a log instead of just plain celery to add some protein. What a good idea! She said it would be okay to dip an apple in peanut butter as well for a snack.
HUMMUS! One of my absolute favs. This hummus does have a lot of olive oil on it but my trainer was mentioning that in order for women to lose weight they need to have good fats in their diet such as avocado, olive oil or omega 3 fatty acids. She recommended 1/4 cup hummus with veggies.
1/4 of an avocado is a great way to add flavor to a salad and get some of those good fats in your diet.. I've even seen avocado replacing butter in some baking recipes! Yummmm! I loooove guac!
On any good diet you should be able to eat as many vegetables as you want at no penalty. I cut up some peppers today and carrots.
Couscous is great for lunch time with some veggies and protein or rice. She was mentioning that I should be eating my carbs at lunch so whole wheat pasta, brown rice, couscous, whole wheat bread etc.. and then at dinner have protein and vegetables instead of a starch.
Mmm this looks really good to me right now... Sunny side up egg on some sauteed spinach. Sonja was mentioning you could do a stir fry on sauteed spinach instead of noodles or rice at dinner... You could even still make the brown rice but then eat it at lunch with your left over stir frys.
Yogurt is often difficult to pick out if you are trying to lose weight. So many of them contain a ton of sugar and artificial ingredients. This Liberte yogurt is MY FAVORITE! It is not the most low-cal but it is all natural and it is thick and there are some great flavors to choose from like mocha!
I guess for me the biggest thing is I don't want to get sick of what I am eating everyday.. If you read this blog you know my favorite food is PIZZA and I've had my fair share recently... I hope that I can continue to find healthy food that inspires me and makes me want to keep eating well. It does feel so damn good to get into shape.. I can't wait!


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