The Keg


MmMmMmMmMm The Keg.. Always consistently delicious and classy.. and reasonable for that matter! I took a client to The Keg downtown yesterday for lunch in the Westin hotel and our meal was only $40 ?? What a steal! James and my favorite is ALWAYS their Mushroom Neptunes and the escargot... We use the bread they give us and clean out the wells of the little ceramic dishes... YUM! For an entree at dinner I normally get the king crab legs... Crab is one of my favorite foods.. Dipped in butterrrr of course. Here is what we dined on for lunch:
Mushrooms Neptune... Crab, cream cheese... Delicious heaven... ORDER THEM!
Besides the appetizer I am trying to stick to my diet. Seafood is a great way to feel like you are having a "treat" while still being low cal. This is the Keg's shrimp cocktail. Huge shrimp nummm
Alongside my shrimp I had the spinach salad with candied pecans, mandarin oranges, red onion and blue cheese. A very tasty salad.. I looove candied nuts!
My date had the flatbread and salad. This is the flat bread which had bocconcini cheese, tomato sauce, really good balsamic vinegar (you can tell its quality by the thick consistency) and basil.
In my opinion you can't go wrong at The Keg! Try the Mushrooms Neptune!!! I will post a recipe for them toooo!


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