Italian Kitchen


Italian Kitchen is located at 351 4th Avenue SW in the heart of downtown Calgary. It shares a kitchen with Spur Gastropub and is owned by the infamous Calgarian- Paul Vickers. The first time my girlfriend and I dined here it was over-the-top amazing. We had this amazing scallop soup to start last time and haven't stopped talking about it since... I chose this restaurant as a business lunch on Friday and was a bit disappointed with my main course and the service. The waitress came over and asked us if we needed menus after sitting for 5 minutes. Uhhh... Ya we're STARVING LADY! Here is what we had:
Cream of celery soup... It sounds really boring and bland but it had a really hearty taste that reminded me of stuffing or a "mirepoix"... a "mirepoix"is a French name for the combination of celery, carrots and onion which can be the base for everything from soups to stews to sauces. The soup was perfectly seasoned and really yummy! I love cream based soups.
This is a dish I normally LOVE... Unfortunately it tasted like chicken bones.. It had this strong chicken marrow flavor that overpowered the whole dish. I was SO disappointed. It is the "pollo penne".. Chicken, sweet peas, sundried tomatoes, in a garlic cream sauce. The chicken was huge chunks to big to eat in one bite which was a bit embarrassing in front of clients
I would try this restaurant again because of the delicious meals I have had here before... Not for a while though... I don't recommend this restaurant for a few months.


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