An Indian Feast to honor of one of my besties


One of my closest friends who has been featured on this blog a few times, Aman, is heading to the world renowned "Le Cordon Bleu" in Paris to refine his French culinary technique through hands on learning. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am SO excited for him!!! I am going to miss him but plan on visiting him within the year. He had over a few close friends and family yesterday afternoon to celebrate and help send him off. He is SUCH an amazing cook... He was cooking all weekend to prepare this amazing feast and here is what we dined on:
These beef short ribs were one of my favorites!!! They are cross-cut beef ribs marinated for about two days in garlic, salt, pepper and lots of chili pepper. They had quite a kick to them but I loved the flavor and finger-food size.
Homemade vegetable samosas on the right and "kari kebabs" on the left which are pretty much like deep fried meatballs full of flavor. "Kari" means black or deep fried and kebabs are meat mixtures. The middle part is just fried pastry from the samosas.
This delicious concoction was an Aman original creation he was "experimenting with"... SO UNBELIEVABLY good! It is a pea curry with peas, potatoes and coconut milk Tanzanian style. Everything had a creamy, sweet flavor and I'm not even a huge fan of peas and this was one of my favorite dishes.
Homemade butter chicken... Need I say more? *DROOL*
As with all good Indian food you will normally find a selection of chutneys and yogurts. From left to right is Aman's famous pineapple, mango, cilantro, and mint chutney, at the top Aman created a delicious "yogurt" type of riatha with pomegranites and the bottom right is coconut, mint and cilantro. They tasted great with the kebabs, samosas or mixed in with the rice.
Saffron rice... Perfectly cooked and fluffy.
Of course any good Indian meal needs naan! Aman gets it from Calgary Sweet House because he says it is the best in the city... you need some naan to soak up all the delicious sauce- especially butter chicken.
This photo does not do this dish justice... Underneath these two beautiful wild steelhead trout fillets is Aman's version of vegetable curry with fennel, onion, zucchini, white wine and spices. Inside the two fillets that Aman strung together he put the fennel frondss, lemon, garlic and cilantro. This fish was sooo flavorful and I loved the veggie curry!
GOOD JOB! What an amazing feast! I'm going to miss my foodie soul mate while he is in Paris but I can't WAIT to come and visit him and hit all the best restaurant spots in this city I have never traveled to. Love you buddy!!! XOXOX


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