ICHIZEN Japanese Cuisine


Hello all! Happy hump day ;) .. I have a very good  girlfriend in from Vancouver who has had to transfer to a small town in Alberta to support her boyfriend who has just become an RCMP officer. She was craving ANYTHING Asian so I was thinking we should have a sushi fix! I wanted to go somewhere close so we decided to hit up ICHIZEN at 4600, 130th Avenue SE.. I personally had a horrible experience here previously involving my mother and I dining and dashing the service was so poor but that was a few years ago so I thought I would give it another try.....

Unfortunately the service hasn't improved much... But the sushi was okay... Here is what we had:
Prawn tempura for $5.80 and a Sapporo! I love drinking Japanese beer when I go for sushi and I ALWAYS get tempura... I looove prawn tempura... Don't like prawns? Try yam, avocado or mixed veggie tempura. Their menu even featured cheese tempura?! Deep fried, battered cheese? HmmMMmmm...
These are the gyoza for $5.80 which are pretty much another word for Japanese dumplings. They would have been better if our inattentive waitress didn't let them sit for over 5 minutes under the heat lamp... ARGH!
This is the 12 piece assorted sashimi for $16.80. There was salmon, scallops, smoked salmon, tuna and octopus. Everything was good and fresh. Raw fish should NEVER taste fishy... If it tastes fishy it means that the fish is not fresh. The only one that wasn't good was the octopus... Rubbery.. I've never had a good octopus though. The best was the scallop for me and smoked salmon (piece on the left)
Sushiiiiii... NuMmMmm... The special roll in the back wrapped in seaweed is a special roll of chopped scallop, mayo, tobiko and rice.. It was my favorite. The spidery looking character is a soft shell crab meaning you can also eat the shell.
Not a fan of sushi? Start with California rolls and avocado/mayo based rolls... It took me a LONG time to enjoy sushi.. Now I crave it all the time.. I would say even a few years before I could truly enjoy sashimi straight up. I always mix a bunch of wasabi in my soya sauce to add some heat and I still prefer rolls with funky stuff and lots of avocado! What is your favorite sushi?


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