Escoba Bistro & Wine Bar


Escoba is one of my absolute FAVORITE places to dine at. Located at 624-8th Avenue SW this cozy hide away is so warm and welcoming compared to its stark exterior. There are very old brick walls and an entire wall of corks inside that makes it feel very rustic. I love the cozy decor! James and I were on a date night before seeing Dan Mangan... If you have never heard of him download some of his songs! I suggest Road Regrets, Robots, and Inidie Queens are Waiting (see at the bottom for one of his videos!)... We lucked out and got FRONT ROW SEATS at Knox United Church downtown. It was an amazing evening. Here is what we dined on and are still raving about it:
James and I both agree this is the best cheese platter we have ever had. It was $16 and the cheese were from closest to furthest away: applewood smoked cheddar, creamy (and I mean CREAMY like BUTTER) camembert, gouda, sage derby from England. The sage derby was AMAZING! I loved the presentation on the piece of slate and how the bread was pre-cut. I also really enjoy when restaurants serve cheese with some type of compote which matches so well with cheese.
YUMMMM.. I LOVE mushroom caps.. These ones are double smoked bacon & Asiago stuffed cremini mushroom caps with Gorgonzola sauce for $12. Some of the best we have ever had.
James ordered the Alberta prime beef ribeye which is a 10 oz. cut with Gorgonzola smashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and red wine truffle jus. He also got some sauteed onions and mushrooms all for $29. This steak was UNBELIEVABLY flavorful and tender. One of the best steaks I have had in a LONG time!
I ordered the "Tiger Rose" for $21 which was pan seared prawns (perfectly cooked and plentiful!), sundried tomatoes, asparagus, in tomato dijon cream sauce over linguine. One of the best rose sauces I have had... It was perfectly seasoned and so comforting on the snowy day yesterday.
I ordered my first "dry gin martini"... I was semi-expecting to hate it but I ended up REALLY liking it! I'm a fan of olives and gin plus it was iced cold. I will be making these at home from now on. Yum!
Did I mention we had font row seats?! They messed up the seats they assigned us and had to move us from the second balcony to front row *shucks*
I <3 you Dan... You are a GENIUS!

What an awesome night. Love you bear xoxoxox


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