CHOP Steakhouse and Bar


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are staying warm in these colder temperatures. Today for lunch I went to CHOP again with my parents. My dad had never been and I thought he would be a big fan of the steak bites- I was right! Here is what we had... Nummm.. I'm really impressed with CHOP.. The food was superb.
Here are the steak bites for $12.50. Marinated steak served with a sweet dijon BBQ dip on the right and a horseradish aioli on the left. They are so flavorful and tender. My dad really liked them.
What a unique presentation for wings! There were all of the drumsticks on one skewer and wings on the other one. These fire roasted wings were "bourbon glaze" so a bit sweeter. They were served with a blue cheese dip. I liked how crispy the skin was and how well done it was.. I'm not normally a fan of "battered" wings but these had a light coating that was tasty.
My dad ordered the special of the day which was a prime rib steak sandwich and caesar salad. He raved about the steak. I thought it was really flavorful and the bread had a yummy grainy mustard on it which went well with the juices of the meat.
My mom dined on the steak rice bowl which had a ginger flavor for the steak and bok choy, snow peas, peppers and tomatoes in the actual dish. The vegetables were crispy and perfectly cooked.
I had the CHOP salad which was pretty much a cobb salad (my fav!) with hard boiled egg, chicken, tomatoes, avocado, goat cheese, bacon and basil. It was yummy.. My favorite part is always the creamier elements like the avocado. I prefer blue cheese and blue cheese dressing on my cobb salads. That would be my only complaint: it was a bit bland.

O.M.G. this was the show stopper for me.This is the $8.50 "fallen chocolate souffle cake" with mascarpone mousse and vanilla anglaise (a dessert sauce made from a pourable custard). I highly recommend this dessert!
Mmmmm... New York style cheesecake with berries.. One of my favorite foods of all time. I love really cream cheesy tasting cheesecake. The cheesier tasting the better in my opinion and it fit the bill. I love how they make all of their own breads, sauces and desserts from scratch.
Keep it up CHOP! I would prefer dining at your establishment than Joey Tomatoes any day!


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