Chocolate-covered Strawberries


TGIF!!! Hope you all had a fabulous week and have some fun stuff planned for this weekend.. I am very excited for me and my girlfriends "ForePlay Friday" this evening. We are heading salsa dancing! Can't wait! 

THIS is the inspiration for my post today... I was walking around Chinook's new expansion and decided to treat myself to something SMALL and sweet.. I ordered a chocolate strawberry and had a twoonie in my hand to pay... Instead I was blindsided with a $5.25 charge?!?! $5.25??? I could make an entire BATCH for that price... I was appalled but still paid because the saleswoman was so sweet and gave me a sample...
SO! I went to the grocery store immediately and thought it would be romantic to get some champagne and make chocolate covered strawberries for James and I as we both had Remembrance Day off... Here is what I did:
I took two handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate chips and two squares of bakers chocolate as I like my chocolate covered strawberries to be a bit more bitter to contrast with the sweetness of the strawberries.
It is best to melt chocolate in a double boiler as chocolate can burn very easily and stick to the bottom of your saucepan. You can really taste the burning throughout the chocolate if a bit of it burns. I REALLY like this new double boiler I just got.. Click here to see!
A good thing to remember is to place the dipped strawberries on waxed paper.. If you just put them on a plate the chocolate will stick and you will tear apart your strawberries when you go to remove them from the plate.
All hardened and ready to eat! I loved the darker chocolate flavor.
Champagne goes great with chocolate covered strawberries.. Try CAVA which is Spanish champagne.. I got this for a reasonable $20 to pair with our treat ;)


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