Yam Fries!


Yams before they were put in the oven
Sweet potatoes, yams and squashes seem to be everywhere at the grocery stores right now and it has been inspiring me to use more root vegetables in my cooking. I picked up these yams and we made yam fries. These yams were particularly white/yellow and not orange like a sweet potato but they were super yummy fries! Here is what we did:

We took two medium sized yams and sliced them into cubed strips. We tossed them in extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with sea salt, Southwestern Seasoning Mix, pepper and some seasoning salt. Anything from Montreal steak spice to paprika would taste great. We cooked them on a piece of stoneware which works great because you don't have to flip them over half way through!! If you don't have a piece of stoneware- you NEED one!!! Best thing ever to cook bacon (turns out as long, crispy strips- and you don't have to turn over!), cookies, fish, chicken.. EVERYTHING! 

We dipped them in a Ruffles French onion chip dip. It matched really well! If you don't have something like this you could  mix up some sour cream, mayonnaise and add some seasoning. These were really tasty alongside steak and carrots that we had :)


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