What is your favorite coffee shop and why?


My favorite coffee shop is Second Cup.. I looooove their skinny Vanilla Bean Latte.. I think it is the BEST (non alcoholic) beverage out there... The perfect combination of coffee and sweet. Another great thing about Second Cup is that it is CANADIAN!!! I LOVE supporting local businesses and Canadian businesses, I think it is so important. I really like Starbucks' "perfect oatmeal" and some of their beverages as well but if it comes down to supporting one of our own I will make the extra hike every time. With so many companies being bought by big American conglomerates I like to support the businesses that were founded on our soil.

You know what coffee shop I'm not a fan of? Good Earth... What kind of coffee shop doesn't carry SPLENDA? Isn't that like some type of unwritten rule? Okay... I am contradicting myself here because Good Earth started here in Calgary in 1991.. BUT NO SPLENDA FOR MY COFFEE? I also don't like the fact that they do not often carry any low fat muffins or loaves and their service always seems sub par. Today I ordered an Americano and the barista asked me what it was??? "Menu item #4 lady".... Odd... I do appreciate the many coupons I get for free coffee for Good Earth but every time I go in there I am disappointed... Maybe with a little more knowledgeable staff and more snack selection I would be willing to swing over to Good Earth... They ARE Calgarian after all!


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